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Young Friends Events – Junior Gathering 2019 – Senior Conference 2019

From Charlotte Lake, Area Meeting Children and Young People’s Advocate.

Some families have mentioned interest in attending more nationally organised events.  If anyone would like to go and has any questions or troubles registering, feel free to email me and I’ll do what I can. charlotte.lake at

Junior Gathering 2019

  • Ages 11-14
  • Date: 17-24th August 2019
  • Theme: Modern Equality
  • Venue: Leighton Park School
  • More info & Application

Senior Conference 2019

  • Ages 15-18
  • Date: 17-24th August 2019
  • Theme: Quakers in the 21st century – What will our chapter be?
  • Venue: Sibford School
  • More info & Application

WAR SCHOOL – 30th April, 7.30pm at Hereford meeting house

WAR SCHOOL. To be screened 30th April, 7.30pm at Hereford meeting
house, 21 King Street, HR4 9BX

This is a new production mainly about the increasing military presence
in schools and other places frequented by young people. Alone in
Europe the UK still recruits at 16. There is a growing movement to
encourage children to be interested in making a career in the
military. But this film is not just for parents. Many other associated
areas are examined. I have watched it myself and found it to contain
excellent choices of source materials. This is not someone lecturing.
The evidence from life is on the screen. Whatever anyone’s point of
view, I am convinced all could learn more about what is going on, from
this film. The point is made that Britain has been making war
continuously, and the probable future is not what most of us would
want it to be.

There are inputs from Veterans for Peace, Movement for the Abolition
of War, and Forces Watch, as well as from QPSW and Quakers.

Questions or offers of help to

News from the Area Meeting – February 2019

Meeting of Friends in Wales – 23rd February 2019. The focus of the Meeting will be the revision of Quaker Faith and Practice.

Area Meeting in Brecon – 9th March 2019 at the Subud Hall, Brecon – a map with directions can be downloaded – please click here.

The Pales Spring Newsletter 2019 is now available – please click here.

Friends might like to know about a talk being given by Alastair McIntosh (Scotland), described by BBC TV as “one of the world’s leading environmental campaigners.”  His talk, Colonisation and Decolonisation of the Soul,  will take place at The Malvern Cube, Albert Road North, Malvern WR14 2YF at 2.15pm on Sunday 3rd March 2109. More information can be seen here – Malvern Festival of Ideas 2109

Yearly Meeting 2019 – 24–27 May at Friends House, London. Ffriends attending BYM might like to know that there is a Youth Hostel opposite St Pancras Station, quite close to Friends House. There are 6 bed dormitories, male and female at very reasonable prices.

At Yearly Meeting 2019 we will examine our privilege (and assumptions of privilege). Privilege – whether we recognise it or not – fundamentally impacts our ability to act on our urgent Quaker concerns regarding climate justice and sustainability, and inclusion and diversity.


M-CENT Newsletter


Latest IPCC Report
n October 2018 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a hard-hitting report on the potential impacts the world will experience when global temperatures rise to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels, which is likely to occur within the next twelve years. It is a stark warning of the increasing intensity of storms, forest fires, droughts, heat waves, floods and the end of coral reefs. Following earlier, more cautiously worded reports, this time hundreds of the world’s top climate scientists were outspoken in their concerns, providing a stark warning that we are on the edge of climate disaster.

So what has been the response to this report? Has the news been dominated by politicians eager to speed forward policies and initiatives which will reduce emissions? Are ordinary people talking everyday in pubs, school playgrounds and offices about the need to make radical changes in their lives; cancelling foreign holidays that involve flights and cruise ships and modifying their shopping, heating and travel behaviour? Are sales of electric cars, bikes and of renewable technologies soaring? Are people everywhere realising that the time to act is really now; and that it is time to make radical and long lasting change that will ensure life as we know it, can continue……?

Well – if only this represented the truth!! This radical and incredibly serious report has been largely ignored by the media, by the UK’s politicians pursuing their approach to Brexit – and by the general public who, sensing that leaders don’t see this as a priority, mostly feel comfortable in continuing to ignore the warnings. Indeed, the week following the report’s release, fracking began again in Lancashire, and the government announced the end  of government support for renewables and the subsidies for electric cars.

When will we, as regions, nations and the global community collectively   heed the seriousness of these warnings and respond appropriately, and with   the necessary urgency?  The Paris Agreement in 2015 committed nations to keep global warming below two degrees by the end of this century, to limit the effects of climate change. It required nations to pledge a plan of action to reduce carbon emissions and make those plans public. An analysis of the plans already published, suggest that at present we are on course for a 3 degree rise by the end of the century…….

Bishop Nick Holtam of Salisbury Diocese is asking Christians to give more legitimacy to the scientific facts, given that the impacts of climate change raise issues of ethics and intergenerational justice.

As a first step here in the Hereford Diocese, Richard Frith, the Bishop of Hereford, supported by Bishop’s Council, is asking the Diocese to commit to becoming an eco-diocese. The Bishop comments: “As Christians we believe we are accountable to God for the stewardship of the world’s resources that we inherited, and we intend to step up to the mark”. M-CENT are keen to support churches that want to respond; providing discussion-based bible study materials, encouraging Forest church, practical tips and climate prayers.

Diocese of Salisbury declared the first Eco Diocese
The Diocese of Salisbury is the first Anglican Diocese to be granted Eco Diocese status – awarded by A Rocha UK – the Christian based environmental charity which runs the green award scheme.  The Bishop of Salisbury, Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam said: “I am delighted and very encouraged that the Diocese of Salisbury is the first to win this award. As the lead bishop on the environment for the Church of England I am delighted my own diocese is first and I also hope that others will be close behind us.”

UN Climate Summit
This month we pray for all assembled in Katowice; leaders, NGOs and negotiating teams – as they agree on how to move forward the Paris Agreement. We commit to prayer for positive outcomes! 

Action on plastics

#Love Bridgnorth: Hate Plastic
A new initiative has been launched in Bridgnorth called #Love Bridgnorth: Hate Plastic. It is being organised by retailers in the town and local environmental society ‘Sustainable Bridgnorth’.  The group has already been offering some funding for paper bags to be offered as an alternative to plastic ones. They are exploring other ideas and initiatives for schools, churches and individuals to form a co-ordinated campaign for the town in preparation for the launch of a “Plastic Free February” as a first step towards promoting a more sustainable future.

On a recent visit made by one of our members to Uganda, she was sad to see the amount of plastic that clutters the streets of towns and falls into open drains. In the countryside she heard reports from farmers of prolonged dry seasons and increasingly unpredictable rainy seasons causing crop failures. On a more positive note, however, when she attended a confirmation service she was encouraged to hear that amongst the very specific questions the candidates had to answer on faith, bible study and social action, was the question “Will you endeavour to be a good steward of God’s Creation and care for the environment”.  To this question (as to the others) they gave the enthusiastic response “We will, we will, we will”.  Perhaps we have something to learn from this!

Stretton Climate Care
have surveyed local shops to discover which traders were trying to reduce their use of plastic. They discovered just one shop that still had only plastic bags! Other shops could offer a corn starch or paper alternative. Food shops were willing for shoppers to bring their own reusable containers for both fresh and dried goods, and plastic straws were definitely on their way out. It wasn’t just tea and coffee which could be bought loose. Customers were welcome to bring their own reusable containers for take-a-way drinks and increasing numbers of the town’s traders were looking at alternative packaging. Stretton Climate Care has produced a free window sticker for anyone who wants to be seen to be cutting down on plastic. A number of shops in town are already displaying them.  These and an information leaflet on ‘What to do about plastic’ are available from the Wellbeing Centre, Easthope Rd, Church Stretton. 

Ditch the Plastic
Bishops Castle recently had two days of plastics action. Two stalls were filled with information in the High Street.  One was opposite the Co-op and people were asked to dump some of their plastic wrappings into a bag. There were two quizzes: a children’s one involved a mini beach with different kinds of plastics hidden in it, with a prize for the top scorer.  The adult quiz had twenty questions about plastics and their impact. Amongst the booklets, leaflets and information, there were examples of replacements for plastic such as tooth brushes and picnic cups. Pupils from the Community College helped by dressing up to illustrate the good, bad and the ugly about plastics. The organisers were very pleased with the public response. Members of the local group plan next to visit two Veolia sites: in Wolverhampton and Battlefields, Shrewsbury to learn about the recycling carried out.

Extinction Rebellion
A Christian group, Christian Climate Action, has joined forces with the new movement called Extinction Rebellion. Their rationale is to make it clear that time has run out to protest gently. There is such a need for urgency that they are using non-destructive direct action (NDRA) to raise awareness. For example they have glued their hands to government buildings and the gates of Buckingham Palace, blocked entrances to government agencies they claim are not doing enough, and blocked roads, roundabouts and bridges for short periods. They ask that Governments make clear the climate and wider ecological emergency to all citizens and reverse inconsistent policies and work alongside the media to communicate with citizens. The movement, which began in London, is spreading to other UK cities and around the world. Their website allows people to write their own stories – and some are very powerful.

We given thanks for people who are giving so much of their time to communicate their concerns and pray that their actions will have a positive impact.

Future Calling
Depressing though it is to think about Easter as Christmas approaches, this is the time of year when parishes make decisions about Lent courses. If you want to encourage people in your parish to reflect more deeply on their responses to climate change and environmental damage, do remember we have a discussion-based course for small groups called ‘Future Calling’. This asks people to consider what sort of future they want for the world. We provide varied ‘Avenues’ to help people explore their thinking during the course including poetry, science, bible study, and prayer. The course encourages practical changes in lifestyle, either individually, or as a group. This course could be held during Lent, around harvest time or at any appropriate time.  All the resources for Future Calling are available free of charge to download on our website.

Impacts on wildlife
Concern at the damage that humankind is doing to the natural environment has been stirred by several recent reports. A People’s Manifesto for Wildlife was launched this autumn by Chris Packham featuring a series of essays by 18 experts ‘Ministers’ highlighting some of the key issues affecting the UK landscape and its species. The WWF’s ‘Living Planet Report 2018’ was launched in October and gives a sobering report on the impact of human activity on the world’s habitats and species. It notes that populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians have, on average, declined in size by 60 percent in just over 40 years. It notes that we have a closing window for action. There is an extremely urgent need for the global community to value, protect and restore nature.

Ecological projects in Holy Trinity Church, Much Wenlock
During 2018 four members of the congregation formed an environment group as a sub-committee of the PCC. We recognise that, as Christians, we are contributing to environmental degradation, and feel we are called to respond.  The four of us have supported each other in the process with tasks willingly passed around, based upon our skills and time available.  Thus far we have installed LED lighting in the church, lagged the boiler pipe and have obtained approval in install PV panels on the homes of three of our clergy. Have a look at what we’ve done.

 Nine ways to live gently
Green Christian have a really helpful leaflet called ‘Nine ways to live gently’. It’s an excellent way of sharing a range of positive tips on how to reduce our contribution to climate change. Here is a summary of these lifestyle tips. See how many you are following.

Future news
Please let us know of any future events and useful information to share in our next newsletter (email

With best wishes from the communications group in M-Cent

Update – HCLT OPEN MEETING THURSDAY – 29th November 7PM


Motions for Voting Approval / Documents 

Dear All HCLT Members and Supporters,

I am writing with further information (see below) and a reminder for those who have not yet responded that our Open Meeting takes place tomorrow Thursday 7-9.15pm at the Left Bank (Garden Room), Bridge St, Hereford HR4 9DG. Refreshments and finger buffet from 6.30. If you have not already done so please use this link to let us know if you will be attending

The following two motions will be introduced for voting approval by full members of HCLT, following further information and discussion. Please take a look at these and the attachment, and bring any questions arising to the meeting.


“We Full Members of HCLT approve the recent actions of the Board in investigating and pursuing the possible purchase of sites at Stretton Sugwas and at Breinton, authorise the Board to continue in like manner with other possible sites, and recognise that for reasons of commercial sensitivity and/or confidentiality it may not be possible for the membership to be fully informed at every stage.”


“We Full Members of HCLT approve the proposed HCLT Membership Policy v1* as circulated and presented to this meeting, and the related Membership Form*, and instruct the Board to review this policy annually.”   * see below

I also attach for your information the current HCLT Statement of Values & Objectives which is presently being reviewed by the Board, in case you might like to contribute to updating and improving this.

Should you wish to look at the Society’s Rules (sometimes referred to as the constitution, or mem & arts) paper copies will be available to view at the meeting and they can also be accessed anytime at the following link :

Finally here once more are the items we plan the meeting to cover:

Ø  VOTE YOUR APPROVAL for action on sites

Ø  UNVEIL the brand-new HCLT website

Ø  FORTHCOMING EVENTS under the Building Momentum project

Ø  FOLLOW-ON FUNDING from Homes England


Ø  HCCLH Developing relationship with this and other local organisations

Ø  NOMINATIONS to strengthen HCLT Board

Ø  VOLUNTEERS for specific roles eg. social media / marketing

We hope to see you tomorrow! Please do the Doodle…

Best wishes, Nick

Nick Sherwood

Secretary, Hereford CLT Please visit and like our page!

HCLT – Proposed Membership Policy for adoption at HCLT Meeting 29th November 2018

HCLT Board propose adoption of the following MEMBERSHIP POLICY FOR INDIVIDUALS – a membership Policy for organisations will be developed and added in due course.


This Membership Policy is in addition to and sits alongside sections 6 and 7 of the Society’s Rules.

HCLT offers “Full Membership” which is based on the individual’s activities in Hereford City and “County Membership” based on their activities in the county but outside the City.

Membership Criteria:

FULL MEMBERSHIP Eligible if at least one of these applies :

COUNTY MEMBERSHIP Eligible only if not qualified for Full Membership and at least one of these applies

Live in Hereford City

Live in Herefordshire (outside Hereford city)

Work in Hereford City paid or unpaid

Work paid / unpaid in Herefordshire (outside Hereford city)

Study in Hereford City

Study in Herefordshire (outside Hereford city)

Active in Hereford City community

Active in Herefordshire community (outside Hereford city)

For governance reasons only Full Membership confers the right to vote in HCLT decision-making processes. However if a County member is elected to the HCLT Board they acquire Full Membership for the duration of their term.

Membership Conditions:

In applying for membership of either type, a prospective member must:

1) Give permission to HCLT & its officers to use the contact details provided on the current Membership Form to send information relevant to HCLT.

2) Pay a one-off fee of £5 which is non-refundable and constitutes the Minimum Shareholding; 3) Meet the criteria laid out in the current HCLT Membership Policy

4) Agree and support HCLT’s values and aims as laid out in the current HCLT Statement of Values & Objectives.

3) Agree to notify HCLT if at any future point they no longer meet the Membership Criteria or any of the Conditions; HCLT may suspend or terminate any membership which does not meet the current Membership Criteria or Conditions.

4) (Applicants aged under 18 only) Acknowledge that for insurance reasons they cannot volunteer for duties on behalf of HCLT until reaching age 18

Application Procedure:

Membership applications can be made either on paper or electronically, using the current HCLT Membership Form.

Payment of the Minimum Shareholding fee must accompany the application and may be made in cash or by cheque or by bank transfer.

The designated Membership Officer will be responsible for collating applications, submitting these to the following Board meeting for approval, and for making safe arrangements regarding the fees received.

Once applications have been considered by the Board, applicants will be contacted by the Membership Officer within 4 weeks with confirmation and, in the case of new members, a joining pack comprising copies of or links to the Society’s Rules and Policies, along with useful information.

The Membership Officer will also ensure that all application forms are securely stored and that relevant data is entered on the Membership Database.

The Membership Officer will be responsible for ensuring that GDPR compliance is observed at every stage, guided by the Society’s Data Policy and subject to oversight by HCLT Board.



6.1 Membership of the Society is open to any individual over the age of sixteen or organisation interested in promoting the Objects who:

  1. 6.1.1  applies in the form required by the directors;
  2. 6.1.2  subscribes for at least the Minimum Shareholding; and
  3. 6.1.3  is approved by the directors.

6.2 If the Society issues only the Minimum Shareholding to each Member it may also request an annual subscription from such a Member. The annual subscription shall be such reasonable amount sufficient to cover the administration costs of Membership as may be specified by the Board from time to time. If such a subscription is not paid the directors may agree that the Membership of that Member ceases and the Share(s) of that Member are cancelled without reimbursement to the Member.

6.3 A Member which is a body corporate or unincorporate may appoint a representative to act on its behalf and remove such representative by notice to the Society.

Membership is terminated automatically when a Member ceases to hold any Shares in the Society.


THANK YOU FOR JOINING HCLT! Please complete at least all the underlined categories – others are voluntary – and sign. SEE OVER FOR DETAILS OF HOW TO RETURN THIS FORM & MEMBERSHIP FEE

PLEASE PRINT YOUR DETAILS CLEARLY (or you can complete & return electronically – see over page)







HCLT offers EITHER “Full Membership” which is based on activities in Hereford City OR “County Membership” based on activities in the county but outside the City. Complete only that which applies to you:

You qualify if at least one of these applies :
Delete all which don’t apply

Live in Hereford City

Work in Hereford City paid or unpaid

Study in Hereford City

Active in Hereford City community

COUNTY MEMBERSHIP Only if you don’t qualify for Full Membership
Delete all which don’t apply

Live in Herefordshire (outside Hereford city)

Work paid / unpaid in Herefordshire (outside Hereford city)

Study in Herefordshire (outside Hereford city)

Active in Herefordshire community (outside Hereford city)

PLEASE NOTE: while all membership applications are equally valued, for governance reasons only Full Membership confers the right to vote in HCLT decision-making processes (current Board members excepted).

Please indicate your agreement to each of the declarations below, then sign

1) In full accordance with GDPR I give permission to HCLT & its officers to use the contact details I have provided here to send me information relevant to HCLT. Yes / No (circle/delete)

2) I understand that membership of HCLT is granted on fulfilment of the following conditions: a) payment of a one-off fee of £5 which is non-refundable; b) meeting the criteria laid out in the current HCLT Membership Policy summarised above; c) supporting HCLT’s values and aims as laid out in the current HCLT Statement of Values & Objectives. Yes / No (circle/delete)

3) Should I at any future point no longer meet any of the three conditions above I will notify HCLT. Acting in line with the Membership Policy HCLT may suspend or terminate any membership which does not meet all the current membership conditions.Yes/No circle/delete

4) IF AGED UNDER 18 : I understand that for insurance reasons I cannot volunteer for duties on behalf of HCLT until I reach age 18 N/A / Yes / No (circle/delete)

SIGNED : (for electronic application please see over page) ………………………………………………………………………….

DATE :…………………..

PAYMENT of £5 membership fee by (please see over page) circle/delete: Cash / Cheque / Bank Transfer

AGE circle/delete






GENDER circle/delete




Specify :


To facilitate inclusion in group activities please register my ‘different abilities’ as :


Please register my ethnicity as :

HCLT Membership Application Form v6.docx



A) BY POST (Cheque only) – print out both sides of the form, complete and sign where indicated, then post including a £5 cheque payable to “Hereford CLT Ltd” in envelope addressed “Hereford Community Land Trust c/o Town Hall, St. Owen Street, Hereford HR1 2PJ”

B) BY HAND (Cheque or cash) – print out both sides of the form, complete and sign where indicated, then EITHER place in a sealed envelope addressed “Hereford Community Land Trust c/o Town Hall” with either a £5 cheque payable to “Hereford CLT Ltd” or a £5 note ONLY and hand deliver to the Town Hall OR hand directly to an HCLT officer at an event.

C) BY EMAIL (Bank transfer) – complete p1 on-screen except for your signature, then print, sign, scan and email to (p2 is not required). Or, if you have a digital signature just complete on-screen and email. Or, if you have neither scanner nor digital signature, please complete on-screen and email, but type your name instead of signing – we will be in touch in due course. Then pay £5 by bank transfer to Account Name : Hereford Community Land Trust Ltd Bank Sort Code : 16-58-10 (Triodos) Account : 20861036 PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME AS REFERENCE.

Whichever method you choose, please ensure all your details on the front page are clearly printed, and that you have signed and indicated how you are paying the membership fee.

MEMBERSHIP CONFIRMATION will be sent to you along with an information pack when your details are entered on our database, either by email or by text or by phone as appropriate. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THIS PLEASE GET IN TOUCH, APPRECIATING THAT AS A VOLUNTARY ORGANISATION STAFFED BY UNPAID VOLUNTEERS AND CANNOT ALWAYS RESPOND SWIFTLY

QUERIES : If you need to enquire further please contact us as follows – Email to :

Text to : 07957 348885

Phone to : 01432 830204



FACEBOOK: please visit and ‘like’ our page at FOR HCLT ADMIN USE :





Cash Cheque Bank transfer




HCLT Membership Application Form v6.docx

Hereford Community Land Trust – Open Meeting


7 – 9.15pm Thursday 29th November

Garden Room, Left Bank, Bridge Street, Hereford, HR4 9DG

Arrive from 6.30 for finger buffet, refreshments and social gathering

Dear All HCLT Members and Friends,

The last few months since the launch of the Building Momentum project in June have been very busy on all fronts, with significant progress made in several important ways.

We would like to share this with you, answer your questions, outline the continuing work programme, seek your active support and contributions, and request your formal approval for crucial next-steps towards getting community-led housing built in and around Hereford.

So, please would you put Thursday 29th November 7-9pm in your diary and to help us plan please let us know whether you can or can’t attend by clicking on this link:

These are some of the key items we intend to cover, and would be glad to have your feedback on this with any suggestions.

Ø  VOTE YOUR APPROVAL for action on two specific sites

Ø  UNVEIL the brand-new HCLT website

Ø  FORTHCOMING EVENTS under the Building Momentum project

Ø  FOLLOW-ON FUNDING from Homes England


Ø  HCCLH Developing relationship with this and other local organisations

Ø  NOMINATIONS to strengthen HCLT Board 

Ø  VOLUNTEERS for specific roles eg. social media / marketing