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News of our Friend Julia Richardson

Julia Richardson is settling in to her new home in Newark and has sent us some photos of her new surroundings.

Abergavenny Meeting – Llanfoist Village Hall – Hearing Loop

Abergavenny Meeting – Llanfoist Village Hall – Hearing Loop
Abergavenny Meeting has purchased a Roger Pen transmitter and 2 receivers from Action on Hearing Loss, this will assist those with hearing difficulties.

Linda Green will bring these to Meeting each week and ensure that they are charged when required. If Linda is not going to be at Meeting she will arrange for another person to be responsible.

Linda Green will prepare a poster/notice to alert visitors that the equipment is available together with instructions for use.

We intend to purchase a further receiver.

The Olivier Peace Lecture – Untold Stories: Peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland.

Thursday November 8th
The Olivier Peace Lecture 

Untold Stories:  Peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland.  

An evening of strange, hopeful and challenging stories

Paul Hutchinson

Paul Hutchinson is the Founder/Director of Imagined Spaces. He is a mediator, therapist, film-maker, story-teller and peace-practioner, and former director of Corrymeela (2009-14), Northern Ireland’s oldest peace and reconciliation centre.

The talk will be held in the Methodist church in Broad Street at 7.30pm. There will be an opportunity to have tea with Paul afterwards. John Cherry (01584 890 905) will be selling tickets in due course.
In Friendship,
John Cherry

Hereford Meeting House – Heritage Open Days

Heritage Open Days        

The Quaker Meeting House in Hereford is open for Heritage Open Days.

21 King Street, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR4 9BX

Discover our interesting building which is tucked away in a passage off King Street in Hereford.  Even people who have lived in the area for many years are surprised that we are here!

The Quakers have used this building for 197 years.  Before this it was used for flannel manufacturing –  an 18th Century scheme to help the unemployed into work.  Then it became the location of the ‘Friends First-Day Adult School’.  People came here to be taught to read and write.  This was a very welcome and popular service to the local community at a time when education was not available to all. The school continued into the 1950s.

We would be very interested if anyone has some information about this school.  Perhaps a member of your family attended?   Do come along and tell us about it.

New this year

We have some photos and information about a recent archaeological excavation of the site of a past Quaker meeting house in Friars Street, Hereford.  Some substantial stone foundations have been exposed and Cotswold Archaeology believe this to be the remains of one of the Quaker meeting houses used before the Quakers moved to King Street.  This was before we moved inside the city walls.

We have a display board and information sheets on the history of the building.

You are welcome to have tea in the garden – inside if wet. 

The dates and times that we will be open will be:

Friday 7 September               2.00pm  – 5.00pm

Saturday 8th September      11.00am – 5.00pm

Then again on the following week:

Friday 14th September          2. 00pm – 5.00pm

Saturday 15th September    11.00am – 5.00pm

White poppies craft sessions at Hereford Meeting House

White Poppies

drop in for a cuppa,
and to knit, sew or crochet a white poppy*

Hereford Friends Meeting House King Street, Hereford

Thursday 6th September, 10.30 – 12.15 (then join us for Meeting for Worship if you wish)

Wednesday 12th September, 14.00 – 16.00 Tuesday 18th September, 19.00 – 21.00

* White Poppies in memory of civilian war casualties, sometimes described as “Collateral Damage”, will be exhibited in London this November. See or

You can download a copy of this poster – please click here.

Malvern Votes Against the Arms Trade!

“Malvern Quaker Meeting teamed up with other campaigners in the Three Counties to create the “Malvern Individuals for Peace” (MIP) coalition.”

When campaigners in Malvern in Worcestershire found out that a “Defence and Security Expo”, called “3CDSE” was coming to the Showground venue in their town in May, they knew what to do!

A chef on stilts in front of the stall 

A long legged ‘Monsieur’, from an adjacent event, shows his support (credit: Melanie Johnson)

After a little research they discovered that it was booked as a “private event” by a group of local solicitors, and was supposedly focussed on ‘cybersecurity and counter-terrorism’. Talking to CAAT, they also found out that this “private event” was in fact hosting some of the world’s worst arms dealers! These included BAE Systems, whose Eurofighter aircraft are currently being used by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and drone-maker and warship builder Thales.

Malvern Quaker Meeting teamed up with other campaigners in the Three Counties to create the “Malvern Individuals for Peace” (MIP) coalition. They held two events in Malvern town centre, asking passers-by to vote “FOR” or “AGAINST” the expo. Needless to say, the overwhelming majority voted “AGAINST”!

Visitors to the street stall were given information and could sign a petition telling the event venue not to host arms dealers again.

Melanie Jameson from MIP in front of the stall with materials 

Melanie Jameson, from Malvern Quaker Meeting, campaign organiser of Malvern Local Meeting (credit: MIP)

Members of the coalition also put the word out on social media and got letters published in local papers, to make sure as many people as possible in the town knew what was happening in their Showground.

After asking around, they managed to find out which gate the delegates would be using.
Melanie Jameson from Malvern Quaker Meeting and MIP said, “We could now witness, with placards and anti-war creations, directly opposite the gate through which all the  delegates departed. Simultaneously a spiritual ‘upholding’ with peace songs was taking place up on the hills overlooking the Showground.”

Colourful protesters by a roadside with trees behind them. Signs say, "Quakers for Peace" 

Campaigners assemble outside the entry/exit gate to the Malvern arms trade event

Local people responded enthusiastically to the campaign. Melanie said, “Our message throughout seems to have resonated with most Malvern residents we spoke to: ‘Use your technologies to heal our world’”

That would definitely have our vote!

With thanks to Melanie Jameson and Malvern Individuals for Peace for photos and story.

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(Submitted by Julian Rutherford)