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Report of the Visioning Group.

The work of the visioning group is complete and the final report was presented to and accepted by Trustees on Monday, 14 September.

There is much to read in the report as a result of the group’s exhaustive (and exhausting) work over the summer, but there is also a two-page review summarising its contents.

Both are available as PDFs by clicking on the links below.

A review of the Material Resources of SMAQM 2015

A review of the Material Resources of SMAQM 2015 Summary

Where do words come from ……? A Personal View (Roy Love, Friend)

A personal view of a BYM Trustee, giving a view emanating from a faith based perspective

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Openings; Exploring Chapter 19 of Quaker Faith and Practice

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Yearly Meeting 2015 – Epistle

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